Smarter Logistics with Data Driven Vehicle Tracking


GXO engineers faster, smarter, leaner supply chains for some of the world’s most complex and high growth industries. The company tackles every logistics need, from warehousing to distribution, using a broad range of capabilities including e- commerce expertise, reverse logistics and manufacturing support.

The Project:

As a rapidly growing company with a diverse fleet of vehicles, managing and
monitoring the movement of GXO’s assets across multiple locations presented
significant challenges. Delays, unauthorised use, and inefficient route planning were
impeding productivity and costing the company valuable resources.

To address these issues, GXO invested in our cutting-edge vehicle tracking system
powered by GPS technology. This solution involved equipping each vehicle with a
GPS tracking device connected to an FMS adaptor, which then transmitted data to a
centralised software platform accessible from any device or PC.

The Results:

The implementation of the new system significantly enhanced GXO’s fleet
management practices, with benefits including:

  1. Real Time Location Tracking: Vehicle tracking provided a live overview of
    the entire fleet, enabling GXO to track the fleet’s movement, routes, and stops
    in real time.
  2. Improved Vehicle Utilisation: With accurate information about the
    availability and proximity of vehicles, the fleet management team could
    allocate resources more effectively. Idle and underutilised vehicles were easily
    identified, allowing for better optimisation and increased productivity.
  3. Maintenance Planning and Predictive Analysis: The vehicle tracking
    software facilitated proactive maintenance planning by tracking mileage,
    engine hours, and other metrics. This data, combined with predictive analysis,
    allowed the company to schedule preventative maintenance – reducing
    vehicle downtime and extending their lifespan.
  4. Driver Behaviour: The system's ability to monitor driver behaviour provided
    GXO with a comprehensive portfolio of reports and KPI statistics including
    driver scores, trends, MPG, utilisation, dwell time and more. This significantly
    improves driver safety and helps to reduce vehicle maintenance costs.


“Moving forward, the Data Driven Logistics tracking system will continue to be an integral part of our company’s growth and success, providing valuable insights and creating a more streamlined, productive fleet management process. It’s always a pleasure working with the team at Data Driven Logistics.”

Jon Garner - National Transport Manager

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